How To: Vote-By-Mail Chasers

Every election cycle, we see an increase in the number of voters that vote alternatively including an ever-increasing number of voters submitting their ballot by mail. As more states adopt vote-by-mail, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the inherent impact on in-person voting, it is essential for campaigns to strategically target any voters that … Continued

Top 5 Reasons to Target Political Mail

As we thrive in the digital age, campaigns may ask — does political mail matter? Yes. More importantly, targeted political mail matters. Here’s why: Microtargeting Mail Political mail targeting allows us to reach many voters directly to their mailbox. However, we can also microtarget political mail. We microtarget based on important categories such as party affiliation, … Continued

Does Political Mail Still Matter?

Although we can access voters on computers, mobile phones, and TVs— political mail still matters. Like digital, political mail reaches voters directly. However, political mail is the traditional, tried-and-true method to precisely target the most important voters. There are many reasons political mail matters but let’s go over just a few. Strategic Timing Just as … Continued