Campaigning through COVID-19

It’s the year 2020 – a record-setting year for electioneering, political media spend, and the coronavirus. As marketing spend and sales grind to a halt in many industries, campaigns must go on. At least until November.   While the general public (including super voters, swing voters, contributors, and volunteers) prepares for remote work, education, and … Continued

How to Keep Voters Engaged with Retargeting

Keep Voters Engaged With Retargeting Retargeting captures everyone that has visits your campaign website and continues to engage with them. Advertise to voters that visit your website with retargeting to nurture voter engagement and increase your support base. As a result, you can track your website visitors to improve the experience with your campaign. What … Continued

Social Media & Political Engagement

  The use of social media is a major feature of political engagement for many Americans. 60% of American adults use social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. A survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project finds that 66% of those social media users—or 39% of all American adults—have done at least … Continued