How To: Vote-By-Mail Chasers

Every election cycle, we see an increase in the number of voters that vote alternatively including an ever-increasing number of voters submitting their ballot by mail. As more states adopt vote-by-mail, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the inherent impact on in-person voting, it is essential for campaigns to strategically target any voters that … Continued

Campaigning through COVID-19

It’s the year 2020 – a record-setting year for electioneering, political media spend, and the coronavirus. As marketing spend and sales grind to a halt in many industries, campaigns must go on. At least until November.   While the general public (including super voters, swing voters, contributors, and volunteers) prepares for remote work, education, and … Continued

How To Automate Your Vote By Mail Chasers

  Reaching voters who receive their ballots by mail has never been easier. Targeting Vote By Mail (VBM) voters the day they sign up to receive their ballot by mail is one of the smartest things any campaign can do. However, it can be time consuming and overwhelming to handle alone. Eliminate the hassle and sign up for … Continued