Every election cycle, we see an increase in the number of voters that vote alternatively including an ever-increasing number of voters submitting their ballot by mail.

As more states adopt vote-by-mail, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the inherent impact on in-person voting, it is essential for campaigns to strategically target any voters that have requested an absentee or vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot.

VBM Chasers allow you to automate the process of activating voters to submit their ballot for you.


TLDR; Save time and money through our Vote- by-Mail Chaser Program:

Don’t miss a single voter – Deliver your message in an effective and timely manner – Convenient and worry-free – Don’t waste your time or your volunteers’ time labeling postcards

What is a VBM Chaser?

The traditional VBM chase is, quite literally, chasing ballots. More precisely, chasing voters to ensure they mail in their ballots.

With this, you are closely monitoring returned ballots of potential voters through the vote-by-mail period.

You keep contacting those voters with your winning message, reminding them to submit their ballots until they do. You can do this in many forms of communications but we will focus on one of the most important methods: targeted mail.

How do campaigns do this? There are a couple of methods to build a winning chase program by mail: 

1.Traditional campaign mailer drop(s) targeting voters that have requested a vote-by-mail ballot

This is a tried and true tactic. However, timing is often tricky. Many campaigns aim to hit mailboxes the day those that have requested a VBM ballot receive their ballot.

However, many districts vary in when they send out ballots. If the Supervisor of Elections can provide information on when voters receive their ballot, it is often only an estimated date range rather than a precise date.


Therefore, campaigns must simply do their best to guess the precise date. Also, both ballot and campaign mailer deliveries can span several days. Thus it is hardly possible to predict a precise target in-home date.

Furthermore, voters can often request vote-by-mail ballots days or even weeks after the first ballots go out. Without scheduling multiple drops, campaigns can easily miss these important voters.

To adequately do this, campaigns are often having to communicate with mail houses daily for each drop and the list or even doing it “in-house” with messy mail merges and volunteer labelers. We have a solution for this.

2. Automated VBM Chasers


A solution to streamline the process is automated VBM chasers. Upon enrollment in our VBM Chaser program, we will set up your voter list to automatically print and mail postcards on-demand via API.

You send us your voter list daily, weekly, or whatever the preferred cadence is and we will continuously send mailers to those that haven’t submitted their ballot.

Instead of worrying about hitting as many voters as possible at the perfect time with one drop, you can ensure all new voters that request a mail-in ballot are also included. Similarly, you can “set and forget” with a minimal one-time setup process.

Once the API is set up for the first maildrop, the rest of it is automated so all campaigns have to do is provide the most recent list of voters that haven’t cast their ballot yet.


In sum, targeting voters who receive their ballot by mail is one of the smartest things any campaign can do. However, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to handle alone. Eliminate the hassle and enroll in our VBM Chase Program today. Mail daily to vote-by-mail lists for only $.65 per piece.


We think this is one of the most effective ways to reach new vote-by-mail ballot recipients especially as election day voting may be affected by COVID-19 precautions.


Activating voters via the Campaign Victory VBM Chaser Program will save you time and money, which is crucial during this unprecedented election cycle.

Finally, stop saving extra printed pieces from another mailing and trying to guess how many you’ll need for your daily mailing lists. We’ll print on demand – exactly what you need so there’s no waste.


Send us your mailing lists by 6:00 pm and we’ll have your postcard in the mail the next day!

This service is normally $.99 each for a 6×9 postcard. However, you can enroll today to take advantage of our special of only $.65 per piece! Includes full-color printing, mailing services, and postage.


There is a one-time $50 set up fee (covers both a primary and general election). If you don’t have artwork already sized for 6 x 9 there is an additional minimum $50 artwork fee.