Vote By Mail Chasers

Reaching voters who receive their ballots by mail has never been easier.

Targeting Vote By Mail (VBM) voters the day they sign up to receive their ballot by mail is one of the smartest things any campaign can do. However, it can be time consuming and overwhelming to handle alone. Eliminate the hassle and sign up for our automated VBM chaser program today!

Don’t save extra printed pieces from another mailing and guess how many you’ll need for your daily mailing lists. Send your mailing list and we’ll print on demand – exactly what you need so there’s no waste.

More people vote by mail than ever before. Don’t miss your opportunity to reach these voters when it matters most – when they receive their ballots!

Send us your VBM mailing lists by 6:00 pm and we’ll have your postcard in the mail the next day.

For automated VBM chasers, contact us now!


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