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Have you canvassed a neighborhood and discovered that voters aren’t home? Don’t miss an opportunity to reach out to a voter- we make it easy to leave visible campaign information at each door. Door hangers are a quick way to spread the word about your campaign. Use a door hangar to quickly canvass a neighborhood and cover a lot of ground.

Door Hanger Templates

To ensure your door hangers print with the highest quality and free from errors, please utilize our free door hanger printing templates. Download in multiple file formats below.

AI 3.5x8.5 AI 4.25x11 AI 4x9 PS 3.5x8.5 PS 4.25x11 PS 4x9 ID 3.5x8.5 ID 4.25x11 ID 4x9 JPG 3.5x8.5 JPG 4.25x11 JPG 4x9 AC 3.5x8.5 AC 4.25x11 AC 4x9 PS 3.5x8.5 PS 4.25x11 PS 4x9

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